Green Rhinos

The Green Rhino Program creates youth nature leaders through a transformational leadership process. It ignites in them a passion for nature conservation that stays with the participants throughout their lives.

The Green Rhino Programme trains school students (age group 12-18 years) on environmental protection and motivates them to do activities that enhance their environment around them. Our team involves schools in both rural and urban regions. More

Nature Clubs

Nature Clubs in school level is an effective elementary platform where students who are inclined towards nature come together to engage in activities which helps the environment as well. They can engage in activities that facilitate the enhancement of natural biosphere in and around the school, and can make practical use of knowledge they are acquainted with about the environment. ASED experts assist in establishing Nature clubs in different Schools to organize and set up the objectives and activities for the club. More

Nature Smart

Several studies today suggest that thoughtful exposure of youngsters to nature can be powerful form of therapy for depression, attention deficits etc. It stimulates creativity, sharpens their thinking skills and helps them develop a sense of integrity towards nature conservation.

The Nature Smart School, an upcoming initiative of ASED focusses on children in the age group of 8-11 years. We aim to bring in them an elementary understanding of nature around them, and arouse their curiosity and creativity. More


Citizen Naturalist

An initiative by ASED for adults to Explore, Enjoy, Engage! With nature rich urban green spaces; pockets of paradise amidst the hustle and the bustle of the city. Through our interactive walks conducted by experts, participants will get to attune their senses to the enchanting sounds and sights of nature, and have lots of fun! More