Water Quality Project

ASED, along with University of Kentucky, conducted the the water quality project which was funded by the US Consulate, Kolkata. It was collaborative effort between 10 schools from India and 10 schools of Kentucky. Each school was asked to identify and choose an important water body within their local community that influences, and is influenced by, the local community that they would intensively study. They were asked to make different 'wikis' in the form of pictures, videos, pdfs, movies, slideshows, pamphlet, podcast, newspaper article, on the basis of which they were judged on. They also learnt to compare and contrast the water footprint and the water quality in India and the United States. The winning team from India, DAV Durgapur, got to visit Kentucky for five days and the winning team from Kentucky, Belfry High School, got to visit Kolkata for three days.