Several studies today suggest that thoughtful exposure of youngsters to nature can be powerful form of therapy to depression, attention deficits, stimulate the creativity, sharpen their thinking skills and help them develop a sense of integrity towards nature conservation.


The Nature Smart School, an initiative of ASED focuses on children in the age group of 8-11 years. We aim to bring in them an elementary understanding of nature around them, arouse their curiosity and creativity.

Our faculty are eminent naturalists, teachers, nature adventures, story-tellers and communication experts who work with the children. Through outdoor imaginative play, nature visits, gardening, nature inspired stories and other similar fun filled activities, we aim to increase their proximity to nature as well as enhance their creativity.


NatureSmart has been launched! The pioneer workshops were held at Tollygunge Club, Kolkata between November - December 2017.

arrow  Another workshop will be held soon!